Dead Vlei and Surrounding area.
This is a favourite place for photographers from all over the wolrd.

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On our way to Sesriem and Agama camp site

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This photo was taken late afternoon at the Agama camp site.

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The same windmill, but the photo was taken just before sunset.

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This photo was taken early morning, the next day.

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This photo was taken a few minutes later. Here one can see how the colours have changed in just a few minutes.

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This photo was taken an hour later and the colours have changed completely.

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This is the first glimps that one gets of Dead Vlei, as soon as one gets on top of the last dune on the shortest route.

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Hundreds of people visit Dead Vlei every day and to get there, one has to walk. There is a much longer route of approximately 5 kilometers for the more adventurous tourist. To do this route, one has to be very fit, as the dunes are really high on this route.

Below is a number of photos that I took of Dead Vlei and of the dead trees that Dead Vlei was named after.

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Interesting texture of the dry clay at Dead Vlei.

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There are many other dead trees in the surrounding area too. Dead trees are one of my favourite objects to photograph and therefore you will see a number of landscape photos with dead trees in them.

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